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Rules - Super Squares

Object of the Game

Have your numbers hit during the Super Bowl.

How to Play... and the Fine Print
  • Please Pay by going to the Pay page for options, and then fill out the Entry Form. 

    • If you do not fill out the Entry Form, you will not be entered into the Pool. 

    • Squares to be filled as first come, first serve.  To be fair, I will not save any Squares for people. 

    • You do not own your Square until I have received payment.  Once all Squares have been owned, the Pool will be officially full.  

  • Each entry is $100.

    • If all Squares are not filled, the cutoff to enter will be 1 hour prior to kickoff.​

    • If all Squares are not filled, Rules and Payouts will be adjusted.

  • Each entry owns a Square.

    • If you buy multiple Squares, you have the ability to chose to either have the Squares share the same line (horizontally or vertically), or you can choose to have them on different lines (diagonally).  These options will be available on the Entry Form.​

    • The Square locations will be randomly selected when purchased.  Technically your odds are the same on any Square, so to be honest, it just saves me the headache filling lucky numbers.

  • Each Square will own 4 sets of numbers, one set per Quarter.

  • Each Quarter, the set of numbers for each Square will change.

  • Winning numbers are based on the far right number of the score. 

    • For example if the score is NFC - 14, AFC - 7... the winning Square for that Quarter would be NFC - 4, AFC - 7.​

  • If your set of numbers hit at any time while you own the numbers, you will be part of a Score Change Payout.

    • If it's in the First Quarter and NFC scores a Touchdown and makes extra point.  Both owners of 6-0 and 7-0 Squares would be a part of the Score Change Payout.​  If the end score of the First Quarter was 7-0.  The owner of 7-0 in the First Quarter would win the Score Change Payout and the First Quarter Payout.

    • For example let's say 1st Quarter you own - NFC - 7, AFC - 0​

    • If you're a part of the Score Change Payout, you will be hoping for a low scoring game so the value of those hits will be higher.​

    • If your First Quarter set of numbers is 0-0, you will NOT be a part of the Score Change Payout (unless 0-0 hits again, like 10-0).  With that said, if the First Quarter ends at 0-0, you will win the Quarter Payout.

  • You cannot win the Score Changer Payout by inheriting the numbers, meaning if the First Quarter ends 7-0, the person starting the Second Quarter with 7-0 will not be a part of the Score Changer Payout unless 7-0 hits again during the Second Quarter.  With that said, if the Second Quarter ended 7-0, they would get paid the Halftime payout.​

  • Each Quarter, each Square will have a new set of numbers.​

  • All numbers will be randomly drawn and will not change once entered.

  • The Grid will be officially released on this website once all Squares have been filled and numbers randomly drawn.

  • Once the game is officially over, this website will be updated with all Payout results.

  • In the case of any conflicts, all resolutions are final and official by the Commissioner.  

  • Most importantly, have fun!  This Pool was made to give people multiple opportunities to win money, instead of the boring old Square pools where you know you donated money right off the bat.  HAVE FUN!

  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Texting is best... 630-723-1126

  • Payouts listed below are assuming all 100 Squares are purchased.

  • First Quarter - $500

  • Halftime - $2,000​
  • Third Quarter - $500
  • Final Score - $4000
    • Please note that this is the Final Score, including overtime (if applicable)​
  • Score Changer - $2600/# of score changes throughout the game​
  • Remaining funds go to Website and Admin fees.
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